Marbella townhouse for sale

Today I have a unique offer for you – luxury marbella townhouse for sale.

Advantages: two minutes from the house is a kindergarten, school and shopping center, where you can buy various things, such as clothes. There is no public transport far from the house, so if you don\’t have a car, this is a perfect opportunity and you don\’t have to look for a long ride.

When we approach the house, you will notice a beautiful fenced house near the city. There are palm trees planted around the house and beautiful large red and yellow flowers that can enchant you, because they beautify the house a lot and the house is much more beautiful than if it were without flowers.


We can see the glass windows and doors through which we enter the house. The crown is given by an iron handle, which is decorated with ornaments of large flowers and palms. At the entrance to the house we can see the first room, which is although smaller, but a beautiful spacious kitchen, which cooks well. Another room is a bedroom with a large double bed, in which are hung various decorative abstract pictures.

I must also not forget the toilet, whose tiles are decorated with flower ornaments. I would say that flowers are such a symbol of this house near the city.


Another room is the living room, which is decorated with flowers in a pot and has a large smart TV, which everyone would love. There are also some decorative items and pictures in the living room, and there are also chairs and a sofa that you can sit on, for example when you need to work.

When we move to another room, which is a children\’s room, which is set in gray, we can see posters of a favorite group of children on the walls. From the children\’s room we can also see the balcony, which allows us a great view of the surrounding phenomena, we can see, for example, people walking down the street.